Why Is It Special?

Payment included

Our solution has an included payment system simple - easy - safe



The PowerJames charging station doesn't need an Internet connection - you can also place it in a underground garage

Mobile App

Your Customers get a free mobile app for Android and iOS where they pay and can see statics

User interface

You also get a web interface to adjust and manage your charging stations


We give you the possibility to see your customer statics

Simple. Clever. Offline. POWERJames

Our idea was it to create a charging station for cars which is:
offline, secure, simple and has an included payment system.
With POWERJames you have your whole E-mobility system from a single source and you can easily maintenance, monitor and configure it.

How does it work?

How does it work?

Your customers can purchase credit with POWERJames through their smartphone and buy power from your charging station with it.
In order to use a POWERJames charging station, your customers will need the free POWERJames App. After downloading it, they will have to register. After those steps, your customers are eligible to purchase credit and connect to your charging station to initiate a charging progress.
Your customers can purchase credit through PayPal or credit card.
With our web-userinterface you can set your own price.
Main purpose of POWERJames is charging cars through the usual type 2 plug. Your customers can also connect arbitrary devices through a regular shockproof plug. What types of plugs can be used can be set up in the app by your customers.
No, only one type at the time.

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